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The Kids' Lap Bible

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The Ultimate Planner, Tracker & Guide for The Greatest Road Trip Of Your Life!

The Big Lap Bible is your ultimate travel companion for travelling Australia full time or one trip at a time.

‣ Section 1: Quick Reference Guides including important dates, quick 'how-tos' and best seasons.

‣ Section 2: How to plan your Big Lap

‣ Section 3: Region Guides - local tips and secrets from over 40 local area experts to help you experience the very best of Australia

‣ Section 4: Discounts! Get hundreds of $$ of discounts on top brands including FREE JAX Vehicle Inspections from JAX Tyres & Auto (worth up to $69).

‣ Section 5: The "Plan" Section. This is where you can begin your personal Big Lap prep with shopping lists, packing lists and more.

‣ Section 6: Track. Use these pages to track the campsite bookings you've made, the people you've met and the memories you've made.

‣ Section 7: Maximize. Get into the nitty gritty with these monthly planners and itineraries.

‣ Section 8: Remember. Finally, take advantage of 1 year's worth of weekly diary pages.

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Big Lap Bible Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Big Lap Bible specific to 2021?

We understand that you may not want to plan your Big Lap beginning on January 1st, which is why none of our planner pages or diaries have any dates attached to them. The only only things which are specific to 2021 are the public holiday and school holiday dates at the beginning, and our discounts, which are all valid until the end of 2021.

BUT No matter when you order, you'll get a full 12 months of discounts. Our discount platform is launching in late June 2021 and you'll be able to activate your 12 month membership up to 12 months after you purchase your Big Lap Bible

2. Is The Big Lap Bible Available In Digital Format?

The Big Lap Bible is only available as a physical book. It is designed to be your on-the-road companion, your no-service BFF and your way to escape from tech.

3. Where Can I Get The Big Lap Bible?

The Big Lap Bible is currently only available online, from the Big Lap Bible website.